A roots lobe-style blower is a positive displacement (PD) rotary lobe pump that typically operates by pumping a gaseous medium, atmospheric air for instance, through a pipeline using a pair of lobed rotors – also referred to as impellers. The impeller design or form variers in the number of lobes available e.g., two-lobe or three-lobe. Roots blowers were invented by the Roots brothers (Francis and Philander) in the late 1850s. In 1860 the brothers got the patent, hence the name ‘Roots’ blower.

How Does a Root Blower Work?

A roots blower operates using the isochoric compression principle, sometimes referred to as an isovolumetric process or an isometric process. The pressure increase is attained by transporting a gaseous medium against a constricted pipeline connected at the outlet of the blower. There is no change in volume of the air as it gets displaced from the inlet end to the outlet end – no compression takes place within the blower.

The operation process of a roots blower starts with the air flowing from the inlet port into the rotor pocket (element chamber). Air flow direction is created by the rotation of the rotors inside the chamber. The air is transported through the chamber to the outlet port. As soon as the air is passed to a pipeline through the discharge end, the system pressure is adjusted. The rotors do not come into contact inside the chamber as they rotate, they run with finite clearances, thus, no internal lubrication is necessary. The air deliverance is 100% oil-free. The flow rate is largely dependent on the operating speeds.

Industries that utilize Roots Blowers

Roots blowers are essential equipment in numerous industries. They are used in dry bulk material handling and dust collection systems which may involve pneumatic conveying. Some of the industries that utilize roots blowers include the following:

  • Cement Industries.
  • Agricultural Industries.
  • Food Industries.
  • Chemical Industries.
  • Water Treatment Industries.
  • Pharmaceutical Industries.
  • Plastic Industries.
  • Mining Industries.

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