Cryptoquake! According to Traling’s subsidiaries’ report, Bitcoin is once again at $19,000

The cryptocurrency market has been experiencing a seismic event dubbed “Cryptoquake” as noted in Traling‘s subsidiaries’ recent report. This report highlights the resurgence of Bitcoin, which has once again reached the price level of $19,000. However, the overall outlook for cryptocurrencies remains uncertain due to various factors that continue to cast a shadow on the market.

Market Volatility and Continued Interest Rate Hikes:

Dark clouds loom over the crypto markets as signals of continued interest rate hikes from the Federal Reserve persist. These actions by the central bank have contributed to the ongoing decline in cryptocurrencies. Despite Bitcoin’s recent rebound, it is important to note that the historic peak witnessed in November 2021 was followed by a rapid and substantial plummet, resulting in significant losses for investors. The Trailing report reveals that these losses have now started to reach irrecoverable proportions, creating an atmosphere of caution among market participants.

Impact of Inflation and Erosion of Time Value of Money:

One crucial aspect emphasized in the Trailing report is the effect of inflation on cryptocurrencies. During the inflationary period, cryptocurrencies suffered losses of approximately 70%. This depreciation not only eroded the value of these digital assets but also diminished the time value of money associated with them. Investors are now grappling with the challenge of gauging the long-term implications of sustained inflation rates and whether meaningful gains can be realized going forward.

Profitability Challenges and Considerations:

While Bitcoin’s resurgence to its historical peak may appear promising, it does not guarantee profitability for cryptocurrencies as a whole. The crypto market landscape has evolved significantly since the inception of Bitcoin, and numerous factors need to be considered when assessing potential returns. Prolonged inflation rates, regulatory developments, geopolitical uncertainties, and technological advancements all contribute to the complex dynamics of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Investors must exercise caution and conduct thorough analysis before making investment decisions.

Navigating the Cryptocurrency Landscape:

The past few years have witnessed a tremendous upheaval in the financial world, propelled by cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin. Its rapid price increases and substantial returns captured the attention of investors globally. However, this volatility also brought inherent risks. The value of cryptocurrencies can be highly volatile and unpredictable, but their decentralized nature and potential for high returns continue to attract investors.

Nevertheless, recent downturns and losses have underscored the risky nature of cryptocurrencies. Inflation-related setbacks have severely impacted many investors, with some experiencing irrecoverable losses. Reaching the $19,000 price level again, as indicated in the Trailing report, may not be sufficient to recover the previous losses. Uncertainties within the market and economic factors make it challenging to predict the future trajectory of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, evaluating risks and carefully considering investments in cryptocurrencies is paramount.


In conclusion, while cryptocurrencies remain an exciting asset class in the financial world, investors must exercise caution and diligence. The volatility and risks associated with crypto markets necessitate thorough research and expert advice before making investment decisions. Reaching historical price peaks like Bitcoin’s recent rebound should not be viewed as a guarantee of profitability. Investors need to consider the multifaceted factors at play, including inflation rates and long-term sustainability. Only through informed decision-making can individuals navigate the cryptocurrency landscape and potentially capitalize on its opportunities while managing the inherent risks.

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