Cheap Places to Visit in Poland

Cheap Places to Visit in Poland

Whether you are planning to travel to Warsaw or the more popular cities like Poznan and Krakow, you’ll want to know how to make your trip inexpensive. While you may be tempted to buy expensive brand names, you can also find cheaper alternatives by sticking with locally produced products. For example, you can save up to 50% on cigarettes compared to other European countries. Alcohol is also subject to a 20% excise tax.

If you’re headed to Poland, you’re in for a treat. Its capital city of Warsaw is an architect’s delight, with remnants of World War II and communist architecture scattered every where . And outside of perfecting the art of walking around old castles and palaces, Kraków offers plenty of artistic adventures, such as the construction site castle Lazienki Park in nearby Zakopane. For the history lovers , Wojskowa Skala fortress provides a fascinating glimpse into Poland’s turbulent past, while countless national parks just out of the city limits provide beautiful scenery to enjoy by foot or bike.

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Traveling to Warsaw in Poland doesn’t have to break the bank. The city has an extensive public transport network, with buses, trams and metros to get you around. It also has a great public bicycle system and is easy to get around on foot. Staying in a hostel or Airbnb is also a good idea. Airbnb hosts are often willing to give you insider tips for the city.


The city center of Gdansk, Poland, is small and easily accessible by foot. The city has a good public transportation system with trams and buses running throughout the city. You can buy a ticket for a single trip or a pass based on how much time you want to travel. Tickets can be purchased at yellow machines on buses and trams and are good for up to 24 hours. Taxis are available as well.


Poznan, Poland is a great place to visit for a budget-minded traveler. The city is not as expensive as other cities in Poland, and there are many affordable accommodations to choose from. The city also offers many activities and entertainment for a reasonable price. Poznan also offers cheap travel insurance, though it’s worth checking the requirements before purchasing your insurance. In addition to the cheap accommodations and activities, Poznan is home to beautiful buildings, such as the Old Town, with Renaissance, Baroque, and Art-Nouveau style architecture.


There are a lot of affordable things to see in Krakow, including the Plac Nowy flea market and antique bazaar. You can also buy a Krakow Card, which allows you to use the public transport for free. The most expensive attraction, however, is a tour of Auschwitz.


Travel to Olsztyn is affordable and easy on the pocket. Living costs are lower than the national average and prices for hotels and vacation rentals are significantly cheaper. However, luxury vacation rentals are more expensive, due to the high cost of real estate. The graphs below provide insight into how much to expect to pay for a trip to Olsztyn.


Traveling to Gdynia is cheap, especially if you look for accommodations in the low-cost category. The city has a cheaper cost of living than the average Polish city. It’s possible to stay in a hotel for less than $20 a night or rent a vacation home for less than $100. However, you should note that Gdynia’s property prices are relatively high. As such, the cheapest time to visit Gdynia is usually in mid-January.

Gdynia Museum of Technology

The museum is an excellent place to explore Polish history. Its permanent exhibition covers three main areas: maritime history, industrial engineering, and emigration. One of the major attractions is a 1:10 scale reconstruction of the ocean liner MS Batory. There are also fascinating displays about the emigration trade, which sees thousands of illegal immigrants trying to reach Europe. Nearly four thousand exhibits are on display, and most of them have been donated.

Gdynia Seaside Resort

A trip to Gdynia is a great way to enjoy the Polish seashore, as the city has a number of beautiful beaches. The port city is also home to several museums and attractions, including the Gdynia Aquarium and a small amusement park. Visitors can also enjoy the Gdynia City Beach, which has plenty of sand and beach volleyball nets.

Cheap Places to Visit in Poland
Cheap Places to Visit in Poland

Gdynia Cathedral

Gdynia is a port city on the Baltic coast, which is why many Poles visit it on their summer vacations. Its old port dates back to 100 years, but today its architecture is mostly modern steel and glass. The city is also home to the National Marine Fisheries Research Institute. And for music fans, you should check out the Open’er Music Festival, which is held every summer.

Majdanek State Museum

Located on the outskirts of Lublin, the Majdanek State Museum tells the tragic story of the Nazi death camp during World War II. There are over 70 buildings to explore, including the former gas chambers and torture rooms. The exhibits portray the horrors endured by victims and survivors. Although this museum is not for children, it’s a must-see attraction for anyone visiting the Lublin area.

No matter what you’re looking for in a Polish destination, Poland has it all. Snow-capped mountains, virgin forests, historical sites, scenic lakes, and welcoming towns and cities fill this ancient country with things to explore. So if you’re planning a trip anywhere in Europe, don’t just let the big budget destinations draw you in Poland is underrated but unforgettable!

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