Best Months to Visit Portugal

Best Months to Visit Portugal

There are many reasons to visit Portugal, but if you’re looking for the most affordable, sunny weather, May and June are the best months to visit. Despite the country’s warm weather, it can be chilly in the winter. However, it’s not too cold to enjoy the sights and sounds of the country. From the beaches to the enchanting countryside, Portugal is a wonderful destination for a getaway.

This year, why not skip the scorching summer sun and the cold winter rain and visit Portugal in March, April, or May? You’ll be surprised how much you can enjoy this month-long vacation. There’s also little to no need to exchange your dollars for Euros, thanks to the favorable parity of their currency.

What is the cheapest month to go to Portugal?
What month is the hottest in Portugal?


May is a great time to visit Portugal because the weather is mild and the country isn’t yet saturated with tourists. May is also the first month where you can visit the beaches, as temperatures are around 24degC in the country’s main regions. The month also has plenty of sunshine, with about 14 hours of daylight each day. May is also a good time to hike, since there are few days with rain.


June is a popular month for visitors to Portugal. The temperatures are pleasant and the rain ceases throughout the country. This makes the inland areas of the country accessible for activity seekers. June is also a popular time for local festivals. During the month of June, the capital city of Lisbon celebrates St. Anthony’s Day, while the southern city of Porto celebrates St. John’s Day on June 23.


The month of August is among the most popular months to visit Portugal. Although temperatures can get a bit hot, there are many attractions and activities to enjoy in this hot, sunny country. In particular, the Algarve and Lisbon can be especially photogenic during late afternoon sun, and Lisbon is generally less busy. Street markets can also be a treasure trove of bargains. You can also attend the Lonely Planet newsletter to receive travel tips and recommendations.


The best time to visit Portugal is in autumn. Temperatures are warm during the day, but cool in the evening. The average after-dark temperature is nine degrees Celsius. Sunset in Portugal happens at fivepm. There are also Christmas Markets in major cities.


Portugal is a popular destination during the holidays, and December can be a great time to visit. However, be sure to book early and avoid visiting the country during major holidays. Travel costs are higher during peak seasons, so January and February are the most affordable months to visit Portugal.

Avoid Christmas and New Year for cheap travel to Portugal

If you are looking for cheap Portugal travel, avoid visiting around these times. Portugal has COVID-19 restrictions and airport screening during these times. Some travellers will be required to take a COVID-19 test before they can enter the country. However, these restrictions are eased during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Best Months to Visit Portugal
Best Months to Visit Portugal

Avoid rainy season

If you want to enjoy the best weather in Portugal, avoid the rainy season between September and early June. Portugal experiences its highest tourism volume between these dates. Travel costs increase during this period, and it can be difficult to find accommodations. It is best to visit Portugal during this shoulder season, when the temperature is comfortable and the days are longer.

To discover the best time to visit Portugal, first you must figure out which attractions you’d like to see. Each season has its own unique sights and natural beauty. Then you can pinpoint your destination, depending on which season is most ideal for your plans.

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